Motivation is always availed to whoever asks for it ❤ (20/09/’16)

I really did not want to go for my morning workout this day and I had lots of valid reasons why I should not. But then I remembered the goals I had set just a mere 2 days prior. I also remembered how crucial consistency was to me and the success I was aiming for. I remembered the pants I want to fit into and how great the vision of me in 8 weeks time was and I recommitted myself for the day.

So, in spite of the fact that I had forgotten my iPod at home, I went to the Balalaika hotel gymnasium not very sure what I would do except show up. After a 10 minute warm up on an elliptical climber, a treadmill opened for me to get onto. Because I had no music to listen to, I doubted that I would last long on it and already I began to justify how another set of 10 minutes would be better than nothing.

Fortunately I now had access to the remote control for the TV at the gym and I changed to another channel. In the very next channel, Karate Kid Chapter 6 was playing. Oh boy! That happens to be one of my favourite movies and I had watched it a few times before already. I just knew that I had found the missing motivation for the day. Before I knew it, I had been walking for 28 minutes at a good pace without feeling bored at all.

There generally is a lot I love about China; from the great Wall of China, the martial arts and the architecture of their homes to the food. The pose in this picture invites the athlete in me to aim for that kick someday. Could it be by the end of this 8 weeks challenge 😍

This scene moved me close to tears because I could identify with the hero in Dre Parker. Here, after having his leg broken deliberately, he is telling his coach Mr. Han why he still wanted to go back and fight in that condition. He says his main reason is because he is still “scared”.

In the journey to win the fight against food addiction and self deprioritisation, I am mindful of the fact that there will be times when life will literally break me and those would be times when getting up to go back and fight would not make sense. At those times, I would call upon the heroic Dre Parker in me and say, “for exactly the reason that I feel like giving up and eating unconsciously and just slouching on the sofa, I shall get up and go fight back until I love every moment of the new healthy lifestyle”.

This photo shows me what 99% commitment can do. At this stage Dre Parker was not thinking about the pain in his leg, he was totally focused on winning the fight in front of him. I love the look of intent, determination and presence in his eyes.

Push ups! my current biggest enemy. I recommitted to working on building my upper body strength.

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I do not possess one of the sharpest memories and the habit of forgetting stuff seems to be getting worse instead of better. Shonda Rhimes, in her book 'A Year of Yes', captures our problem clearly when she says, about her memory: "My brain, she is old. Really old. Gumming-her-food old... My memory sucks... Names are forgotten, details of one event are switched with another... The insides of my brain are a fading photograph, stories and images drifting away to places unknown. Leaving patches of nothingness where a name or an event or a location should be... My memory is ever-so-slowly being replaced by blank spaces. The details of my life are disappearing. The paintings are being stolen off the walls of my brain. It’s exhausting. And confusing. And sometimes funny. And often sad." I, therefore, rely on tools to capture anything I consider important to remember so that I can easily come back to them and remind myself. This serves as that space for me. Anything I capture here is for my benefit later on. Later on is sometimes that same day, the next day, a week later, a month later, etc. ♥️

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