It is wonderful to be loved, but it’s profound to be understood ❤

“It’s wonderful to be loved, but it’s profound to be understood.” Ellen DeGeneres

When I first heard this quote, it instantly resonated with me. In fact to me, to be loved is to be understood. Love devoid of that deeper understanding is not love. It is when everything about me is out in the open that I appreciate that love that sticks around.

I have always loved Ellen DeGeneres ❤ and the Oprah interview gave my love for her more substance because I can say I then understood her more. Following that interview, I can say that I have a deeper appreciation of how purpose and vision for life can appear as a setup and trap sometimes. She is a self-confessed people-pleaser and all she wanted was to be loved by everyone but she had to “choose” a life of a gay comedian at a time when intolerance towards gay people was rife.

The lesson I learnt from the show was that if I truly want “people” to love me, I must then present them with the total package of the authentic me, otherwise I’d never be content with the love I receive as a photocopy of the real me. Even if it means only 2 people would love the authentic me, I’d know that their love was real and meant for me.Ellen De Generes

Author: Gcin-Gcin

I am moved by a very strong desire to shift consciousness. Some of the stories I share capture some aspects of the personal transformational journeys I embark on. My definition of success is to change lives by inspiring love, healthy living, justice, peace, and trust. I love to tell stories around these aspects as I am a firm believer that by sharing my stories, I own them and grow in one way or another. ♥️

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